Abid Fazal, M.D.

Medical School:  University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Internship:  University of Chicago

Why did you choose the Univ. of Chicago for your residency training?  The residents I met during my interview dinner were incredibly nice, seemed happy, and most importantly, seemed to like each other. This, coupled with an esteemed faculty and the medically and socially complex patient population that the University of Chicago serves gave me great confidence in the training I would receive here.

Why did you choose Anesthesiology?  A career in anesthesiology commands mastery in medicine, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and critical care. Social aptitude is also a must, as you only have a short window to put your patient at ease prior to surgery and you are constantly communicating with surgical colleagues. No other medical specialty requires such a diverse skill set along with such a vast knowledge base. To me, an anesthesiologist is a complete doctor, one who can triage, diagnose, monitor, treat, and stabilize a patient--very much a jack of all trades.

Where do you live in Chicago (area of the city) and if you like that area, why?  I live in Hyde Park because it is close to the hospital. For me, it is worth it to be only 5-10 minutes away. I do not find that it hinders me from exploring the city. On the contrary, the more affordable rent in Hyde Park allows me to do more meaningful/enjoyable things with my time off.