Ari Tallen, M.D.

Medical School:  Oregon Health Science, Portland, OR
Internship:  University of California, San Diego, CA

Why did you choose the Univ. of Chicago for your residency training?  I wanted to train somewhere that provided a lot of ICU experience. University of Chicago anesthesiology department has a strong presence in the cardiothoracic, surgical, and burn ICUs.

Why did you choose Anesthesiology?  I chose anesthesiology because it's a specialty that allows you to be present with your patient in a way that isn't possible in many fields. My interactions with my patients may be short at times but I'm there with them when they need me and not in a room of computers writing notes all day.

Where do you live in Chicago (area of the city) and if you like that area, why?  live in Lakeview East, one block from the lake and a few blocks from Wrigley Field. It's a great neighborhood north of downtown that has affordable housing with plenty of bars, restaurants, and entertainment. It's a longer commute than neighborhoods like South Loop but being so close to Lake Shore Drive you don't have to navigate much of the city. Just jump onto LSD and it's a straight shot to the hospital.