Daniel Fischer, M.D.

Medical School:   Loyola, Chicago, IL
Internship:  University of Chicago

Why did you choose the Univ. of Chicago for your residency training?  I felt it was one of the strongest residency programs while also being well-rounded and balanced (both in reference to its residents and the work-life balance their residents enjoy). I was incredibly impressed on my interview day by all the program has to offer; it really does allow residents to choose their own unique path and make the most out of their time while training. I really enjoyed meeting the residents, so much so that I could see myself not just wanting to work with and learn from them but also willing to spend time with them outside of work. I was also impressed by the faculty members I met during my interview. As somebody with some experience in teaching, I came away from my interview with the impression that the University of Chicago Department of Anesthesiology prides itself on its academic curriculum and strives to employ highly qualified, patient, and empathetic educators. Overall, I chose the University of Chicago because I believed it to be a program best-equipped to prepare me for a career in anesthesiology, whether my interests entail research, teaching, fellowship, or private practice, while also providing me a well-balanced, supportive environment to learn and grow as a resident.

Where do you live in Chicago and if you like the area, why?
I live near the border of West Town and West Loop, and I love it. I am walking distance to the West Loop, which has been booming for a while now. I can walk to brunch at Kaiser Tiger or make a night out of getting one of Chicago's best burgers at Au Cheval along with drinks at Haymarket. I also like how the area is conveniently located for travel North (to Lincoln Park, Lakeview, or work at North Shore Evanston), South (South Loop or work at University of Chicago), or East       (the Loop, Old Town, the beach), as well as the major highways (290, 90/94). Really convenient location not too far from anything. Also, there are at least 3 family-owned Italian Sub shops (that I know of) within a block of me, so that's pretty ideal.