Eric Johnson, M.D.

Medical School:  Loyola University, Chicago, IL
Internship:   Loyola University, Chicago, IL

Why did you choose the Univ. of Chicago for your residency training?
The University of Chicago not only strives for innovation and excellence in patient care, but also surrounds its residents with great people.   Every faculty member and co-resident of mine brings out the best in one another and I look forward to coming to the hospital each day. 

Why did you choose Anesthesiology?
I have always been intereted in treating critically ill patients in their most vulnerable state.  This, combined with the ability to make second to second physiologic changes, made it the perfect specialty for me. 

Where do you live in Chicago (area of the city) and if you like that area, why?
South Loop.  Easy 10-15 minute drive in the morning with great restaurants and fun things to do on the weekends.