Tristan Levey, M.D.

Medical School:  Case Western Reserve, Cleveland, OH
Internship:  Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

Why did you choose the Univ. of Chicago for your residency training?  I chose this residency because of the flexibility in the way the program was structured. I was able to do an intern year elsewhere that was tailored to my interests and was able to get really good subspecialty experience early enough in my CA training that I feel good about fellowship choice with plenty of time before I start applying.

Where do you live in Chicago (area of the city) and if you like that area, why?    I live in the South loop/prairie district area. I used to live about a mile from the EL in the same area, but recently moved much closer to have better access to the city, which has been great. I like the area because it is right next to the lake with easy access (although no beach), has plenty of grocery stores nearby, and has a decent amount of good places to eat. The most exciting places are in other neighborhoods, but they are a quick train ride away. My commute to work is only about 15 minutes in the morning and 25 during rush hour.